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How to Cook Italian

From spaghetti carbonara and cacio e pepe to veal saltimbocca and wine-braised oxtail, this class teaches you how to cook.

BBQ 101: Smoke, Sauce, & Sides

Smoking Carolina-style BBQ is an art. Sam Jones will teach you how to cook up meat, according to the best Southern tradition.

Swedish Comfort Food

Delicious and elegant, yet homey and hearty: learn how to cook classic Swedish dishes from a real Swedish chef.

Master Bread Baking

Learn the basics of bread baking from sourdough starter, to making the dough, to baking the perfect loaf.

How to Make Classic Cocktails

In this class, you will learn how to mix classic cocktails, from a perfectly balanced Manhattan to a lemony Whiskey Sour.

Cookies, Pies & More

Six essential baked sweets, including brownies, cookies, and a birthday cake with chocolate buttercream icing.

A Taste of India

Oue chef brings the flavors of India into your kitchen, in the form of famous standards like chicken tikka masala.

Rick Bayless’s Mexico

Rick Bayless, a true icon of Mexican cuisine, teaches you how to make Mexican food as you’ve never tasted it before.

Welcome to Good Food master сlass, part classroom, part playground and all kitchen.

The Master Class will make you understand the culinary processes, interact with products and interpret the art…
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